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More and more people are looking for ways to express themselves freely. People are naturally drawn to music and drawn to their abundant and vibrant inner selves. Heliton Handcrafts is answering this calling, we are creating instruments that allow you to express yourself through beautiful sounds and in return, playing, creating and allowing the vibration of the sound will connect you with your True Voice and Guidance. 

This journey started in 2013 when Marek saw a handpan (hang) from youtube and instantly wanted one for himself. As physical creation comes naturally to him, he researched all he could and made his very first handpan in his brother's shed. He thought he would be satisfied and could move on with his life after that, but nooo....fortunately he started to Love this process so much and people started to Love his instruments, so that pretty soon he started to make more..and more..and more. A few years later, we decided to make it official and so...Heliton Handcrafts was born.


As creators, we are both very inspiration-lead. We live, love and move in the nature every day, together with our 2 sons, our cat, dog and 5 horses. In addition, Iida works as a Source Process and Breathwork therapist, so we also connect handpan music with natural healing practices. 

Thank you for taking a look into our life and creations and we would love for you to be part of our journey!




Our handpans are created in Southern Estonian forest, in our own farm, in the environment of wild-wild nature. We receive the inspiration straight from the nature and from the people who order the instrument from us. We take high care in connecting with the intention and energy of the person, of the particular pan in creation and we simply allow it all to come together into a beautiful work of musical art.



Some of our handpans are handmade from the very beginning. We use DC04 steel, form the shells with pneumatic hammers and then send them out to Sweden to be nitrided. Nitriding process gives metal resilience against rust formation and changes the characteristics of the sound. We also use stainless steel for some of our handpans. Other half of our handpans are created from pre-made nitrided shells from Ayasa makers-shop.



Nitrided shells/stainless steel shells are ready for tone-field creation. At that point, we already have a clear understanding of the scale we are creating. When the Ding and tone-fields are ready, it’s all about tuning and heating, tuning and heating. Everything is done in calm awareness and in connection with the material.



Finally, we create the bottomside (the gu-side) and glue the two hemispheres together. Now it’s up to the time to do it’s thing. The glue has to dry. A nice and slow process takes up to one week and after that, the instrument is ready for final touches: fine-tuning (sometimes done with natural stones), cleaning, engraving. We do not number our instrument, instead, we give them names, or actually...well..to be totally honest, we ask the instruments and they tell us their names. In turn, this has lead us to experience some of the greatest stories and most unbelievable miracles of our lives.



And..voila! Ready to change to world, sound by sound!




Most of our instruments are CUSTOM MADE specially for YOU! So feel free to contact us about your desires and dreams. From time to time we may have handpans or other instruments also on open sale and you will find all the info about those instruments from here. To purchase an open-sale instrument, just send us a letter. When located in Estonia, we can also arrange to meet with you so you can try it out and then decide. 


There are no open-sale handpans for sale right now. Please contact us for a custom made instrument or any other thoughts and ideas!



ELECTRIC SHOVEL "Birdy" - SOLD! (Still here as an example in case you want to order a custom instrument that is similar to Birdy….)

Price:  400 eur


Prices and conditions

Our 7+1 tonefield handpans are currently priced 1200eur and 8+1 and more handpans 1300 eur, with 300eur non-refundable prepayment when ordering a custom made instrument. When you are not happy with our creation later, we will either make you a new pan (once) or help you to find a new buyer. 

We retune all of our own instruments for free once a year (you will only pay the shipping costs).  That applies to normal ware. In case of an accident, we will do our best to fix the instrument and we will offer you a price for the work after an evaluation of the damage. 

We are always very interested in how our instruments are doing, so we strongly recommend: when you want to resell the instrument, contact us first and let us find a new buyer together! Reselling our instruments with a higher price is not supported by us by any means. 

Handpan case is not automatically included in the deal. You can order your own case from hardcasetechnologies.com (our instruments are medium size) OR we can order it for you, ship the instrument to you already in a case (preferred) and add the case to the price. 



More videos can be found from our youtube channel. 

Go listen to studio-recorded soundsamples from our soundcloud.

Heliton Golden Ocean. G2/ F G A C D E G, 440Hz 2019

Heliton “Rosie” 2018 D/ A A# C D E F [G] A [C] 440 Hz

“I am Rose. I am beauty. If life seems too fast, slow down and smell my beauty. Take some time for yourself. Feed your spirit. A short journey into nature can calm, center and revitalize you. Look to the beauty in all that surrounds you, in all your relations. To enjoy my beauty, you must deal with my thorns; but beware, they are sharp. I am joy. I am sorrow. Open up and let go of your emotions.”

Heliton Sinivaal 2018 F/A Bb C E F G C

Heliton “Orchestra” 2018 C/ F G A C D E G

Heliton “Orchestra” was created for a youth orchestra/band and the sound turned out so full and rich, that we named the instrument itself also “orchestra”.

Heliton Lehelind (Reed Warbler) C#/ G# A B C# D# E F# G#, 440Hz, 2019

Heliton Polar Twilight 2018 G#/ C# D# E F# G# B C# D# 432Hz

It was snowy, it was windy...

Heliton "Lacuna” 2018 B/ F# A B C# D E F#

What is Lacuna? We all have times in life where we are sort of in the gap, in between stuff...letting go of the old...and not yet receiving the new in the manifested form.

Heliton “Eucalyptica” 2017 E/A B C E F# G B (432Hz)

Eucalyptica was created for our dear friend who had just moved to Portugal and it’s the saddest sounding instrument we have ever made. It told us it’s name and when we presented the name to Sari, our friend, she said that it makes perfect sense, because her new land was surrounded by eucalyptus forests. Later that year, all the forest burnt down. Birth and death are part of the earthly experience, LIFE goes on.


A few name stories we would like to share with you.


In the summer or 2018 we were heading off to Scotland (we as in our family: Iida, Marek and our 3yo son Maru, the Heliton Handcrafts). We were going to have a month long roadtrip and an adventure all around there. And we had a very strong feeling that we "have to" take a handpan with us. The handpan in C-major was finished literally just one day before the take-off and "told" Iida that her name is Fey. 

We googled the name, we looked it up in dictionaries and name archives to see the meaning...but nothing came up. Nevertheless, we've learned not to argue with the handpan and guidance and when the pan tells us her name, so it is. It has happened before that the real meaning of the name appears later. 

Fey came with us. We played on the streets of Edinburgh, played for the Castle of Dunnottar (best audience ever)...travelled through Scotland, knowing that the instrument will find her Person and will not be coming back with us. 

Marek and Maru busking in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2018 during our travels with Heliton Fey

Somewhere halfway through with our travels, we reached Findhorn, the spiritual-ecological community in Scotland, oldest and biggest in Europe. And there we met a lady called JOY. Joy asked me: "So, what does the name Fey mean?" And I said.."i do not know...yet...". Joy was considering buying Fey from us. We stayed in Findhorn for one more night, so she could play with Fey and reach a deeper understanding if this is for her. And in the evening i visited the magical shop they have there. The shop also has a book section and as i was browsing through, something caught my eye. There was this small book that carried a title: "Wild Fey Magic". I could not believe my eyes. I asked the shopkeeper about the meaning of Fey and she said it's a fairy or a nature spirit in one version of the Gaelic language. (Mind you that it did not exist in Scottish Gaelic dictionary). I bought the book.

The next morning Joy told us that she read the book and understood that in the old times it was believed that metal (like handpan) protects it's owner from unwanted and confusing spirits. But Joy felt that the handpan is too big of an instrument for her and so we took Fey with us and travelled on. It came with us to the island of Skye, to the Fairy Glens and Fairy Pools, saw the dolphins of the north coast and the double rainbows of the islands...

The last few days of our trip we spent in Glasgow. Hosted by wonderful Jake and her girldfriend Eilidh, who are angels in human bodies, helping the refugees, homeless and all others in need, following their passions and hearts. Eilidh had been dreaming of a handpan for the last 10 years...so 2 hours before our train left towards London, Jake decided to buy Fey for her. (I must admit, we had already packed her and filled her with clothes by that time). And of course, Jake had everything we needed to give Fey the final touch at home (sandpaper, cleaning liquid). Everything but a right size hammer for the final fine-tuning.... So Marek used a big stone with a hole going through (a lucky stone) we found from the north coast beach a few weeks ago and took with us. We ran our hearts out to make it to the train in time.... but Fey the gealic fairy, stayed in Scotland. Just as we knew she would. 

So this is the Story of Fey. And we do not "kid around" when we say that we create our instruments "in alignment and connection" with the Nature, with the Metal and with the People it's created for. 

In service, following our Guidance and our Hearts

(PS, we do not have a picture of Fey and the only video we have is the one on our page where Marek and Maru are busking in Scotland, feel free to check it out.)



Other services


Retuning of HANDPANS

We tune our own instruments for free. However, in case you own a handpan from another maker and want to have it tuned, feel free to give us a call and we will see what we can do. The price depends on the amount of time and energy it will need and will be somewhere between 50-150 euros. 



Not interested so much in buying, but would like to just enjoy beautiful sounds during your birthday gathering or some other event and/or get to know more about the instruments and/or learn the basics of how to play? We have been offering workshops and sound-journeys as long as we have created the instruments and can even give you and your friends or clients a grand experience of healing sounds with our professional jazz-musician friends Madis Meister and Eva-Lotta Vunder. Just let us know what you are interested in! 


source Process and breathwork sessions or guided meditations for groups, supported by Handpan music

Iida-Leena is a certified Source Process and Breathwork therapist, as well as the creator of Alignment Based Life techniques and courses. Together with Marek and handpans, they can offer a deeply uplifting and healing evening for you and your friends, filled with heart-to-heart conversations, healing processes, expanding the limits of your mind and body and enhancing it all with otherworldly music. 


Contact us with any questions, inquiries, offers, dreams, feedback...you name it! We are here for You!

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